SWRnewstar becomes part of Biffa’s Industrial & Commercial Division

We are excited to announce that on the morning of 12 March 2019, Specialist Waste Recycling Ltd (t/a SWRnewstar) became part of Biffa plc (“Biffa”).


In what is a ground breaking innovation in the waste industry SWRnewstar, whilst becoming part of the Industrial & Commercial Division of Biffa, will remain independent and continue to act as a standalone waste management broker.  As such we will maintain our ability to hold Biffa’s delivery model to account in the same way as any other member of our valued supply chain.  By being part of the Division, however, we will also have access to Biffa’s market leading infrastructure, innovation and digital solutions which will undoubtedly provide another string to the SWRnewstar’s offering.


As ever, our customers are our main focus.  We would therefore like to reassure them that they will continue to be dealt with from our Alton Head Office by the same dedicated Customer Service and Account Management teams.  From a back office perspective, customers will continue to be billed from the same system, in the same way and will make payments to the same legal entities that they always have.  The supply chain will also continue to work directly for SWRnewstar and as such will bill and be paid in the same fashion as before. 


It is very much business as usual and as a result there will be no transition or disruption to services or administration processes.


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In a ground breaking innovation in the waste industry SWRnewstar, whilst part of Biffa's I&C Division, remains independent and continues to act as a standalone waste management broker.
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