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13 December 2018

Food and beverage brands are taking steps forward in sustainable retail packaging

When it comes to diverting materials from landfill and building a stronger circular plastic economy, brands and retailers are now addressing the types of packaging they’re using.

12 December 2018

Christmas and New Year 2018 / 19 Opening Times

SWRnewstar customer service opening times Christmas and New Year 2018 / 19

10 December 2018

London supermarket launches a plastic-free zone

Over 1,700 products are now plastic-free at the Thornton’s Budgens store in Camden in a bid to lead other retailers to being less wasteful with packaging.

6 December 2018

How brands are making it easier to recycle

Increasingly brands are developing their own recycling schemes to reduce waste and specialist company, TerraCycle, provides innovative solutions for tricky items.

27 November 2018

How food packaging and labels are changing to reduce food waste

With food waste a bigger priority than ever for food businesses, many brands are taking steps to tackle unnecessary waste at consumer level.

26 November 2018

Congratulations to Kim Murray on winning skeleton gold at the European Cup in Winterberg

Congratulations to Kim Murray on winning skeleton gold at the European Cup in Winterberg

19 November 2018

International Green Apple Awards for Environmental Best Practice 2018

SWRnewstar and it’s Property Managment partners have won three Green Apple Environment Awards in the national campaign to find the greenest individuals, companies, councils and communities.

16 November 2018

Green Apple Awards recognise South Western Railway’s (SWR) green credentials

South Western Railway has received a Gold Green Apple award for minimising its environmental impact through recycling.

16 November 2018

Using waste-based biofuel – Part 2

Biofuels can be produced from more than just households and industry. In fact, it can still be sustainably developed from other, perhaps unexpected, waste materials.

12 November 2018

Using waste-based biofuel – Part 1

Biofuel isn’t often associated with aviation, until now. Times are changing and biofuel usage is growing.

9 November 2018

Recyclable vs Compostable vs Biodegradable: what does it mean for packaging?

We explore the differences between popular packaging materials characteristics and how they can be disposed of efficiently.

6 November 2018

Coffee cup recycling takes off at Edinburgh Airport

Edinburgh Airport aims to increase recycling of 3 million coffee cups sold each year.

22 October 2018

The most daring project to clean up ocean plastic goes live: The Ocean Cleanup | System 001

System 001, part of the world’s largest ocean clean-up, is now collecting plastic from the Great Pacific Garbage Patch.

15 October 2018

Tuesday 16th October is World Food Day

Our actions are our future. A #zerohunger world by 2030 is possible.

10 October 2018

The first-ever Green GB Week launches on 15th October!

Showcasing the benefits of clean growth, Green GB Week encourages local communities to embrace the challenge and get involved!

5 October 2018

Aldi and SWRnewstar win waste2zero award

We’re delighted to announce that Aldi with SWRnewstar won the ‘Best Waste Project Communication and Stakeholder Engagement Award’ last night at Footprint’s waste2zero event.

4 October 2018

Andy Butler, CEO, SWRnewstar included in LDC Ambitious Business Leaders list

We’re delighted that Andy Butler, CEO, SWRnewstar has been included in the LDC list of Ambitious Business Leaders, highlighting the inspiring people running the UK’s most successful medium size businesses.

3 October 2018

The future of electric vehicle batteries – giving them a second-life

In a bid to reduce pollution and wastefulness of one of the most expensive components of electric vehicles, new research has shown the benefits of electric vehicle battery second-life.

26 September 2018

M J Mapp announce Green Awards success

Two sites recognised with awards for environmental best practice

26 September 2018

World Environmental Health Day draws attention to global food sustainability

One of the greatest challenges of our time is to eradicate world hunger and malnutrition.

24 September 2018

Recycling Week 2018 is underway 24 – 30 September

With a focus on consumers’ households, Recycling Week has been running for over a decade.

10 September 2018

Saving our seas with the Great British Beach Clean

The 25th Great British Beach Clean runs 14th – 17th September 2018!

5 September 2018

Nationwide extends partnership after the lid is lifted to acheive a 97% landfill diversion

Nationwide Crash Repair Centres (Nationwide CRC), one of the largest comprehensive automotive repairers in the UK, has chosen to continue its partnership with us following substantial success over the last nine years.

3 September 2018

Zero Waste Week - an online campaign on reducing waste

What happens when you throw something 'away?' Changing consumer perceptions

28 August 2018

Encouraging consumers to consider their food and plastic waste

Combatting food waste, one wonky fruit at a time. UK supermarket giant, Morrisons, has implemented a number of changes in a bit to cut down on waste.

24 August 2018

Greene King Launches Industry First Compostable Straw Solution

Greene King has announced it will introduce compostable PLA straws across its entire UK estate of 1,750 pubs, as part of its pledge to send zero waste to landfill by 2020. This will remove over 30 million plastic straws from use every year.

22 August 2018

The fight against plastic goes on a thrill ride!

UK theme parks to offer half price entry in exchange for used plastic bottles.

20 August 2018

Greene King reports saving more than 600,000 pints of water daily and 98% diversion of waste from landfill

Pub chain and brewer Greene King, which operates over 2800 pubs, restaurants and hotels across the UK, has published its latest strategy report.

14 August 2018

Plastic bags in decline

The strategy of charging 5 pence per plastic bag is paying off, with an enormous reduction in plastic bags

7 August 2018

Four degrees of separation

Strategic Development Director, Bob Barltrop, talks about the importance of waste segregation in today's world

30 July 2018

Circular economy in the fashion industry

The importance of working towards a circular economy

24 July 2018

It's National Park Week!

One week in July is dedicated to the health of the UK environment!

9 July 2018

Can you live without plastic to help the environment?

Think twice before grabbing yet another plastic bottle from the fridge.

2 July 2018

Waste management for the Automotive sector is changing

Technavio reports on the global automotive waste management market.

2 July 2018

Supermarket giant Morrisons on wonky fruit and paper bags

How one of the UK's biggest supermarkets is working towards a more sustainable future.

2 July 2018

Becoming “plastic responsible” in hospitality

SRA has launched a guide to help hospitality businesses find alternatives to single-use plastics.

2 July 2018

We team up with UK's first coffee cup recycling scheme

Coffee – it’s our staple drink, the fuel that keeps us Brits going in the morning, our beverage of choice over business meetings, or when we want to grab a drink on our daily commute.

25 June 2018

Trimming the waste line

SWRnewstar lifts the lid on the true cost of this waste to the NHS and the value in trimming the waste line.

21 June 2018

Improving sustainability of commercial buildings

It is becoming imperative to have a strategic plan for waste management, giving investment companies opportunities to achieve such accreditations.

12 June 2018

Trash talk: how waste management could become an engine for business growth

Stephen Cameron lifts the lid on the cost – and opportunity – of waste to UK businesses.

4 June 2018

Re-packing Food Waste

Sarah Turner talks food waste processing routes in the UK.

30 May 2018

Fantastic food waste management or room for improvement?

Why you need an effective food waste management programme

14 May 2018

SWRnewstar is a company to inspire Britain – for the fourth time since 2014!

London Stock Exchange Group 1000 Companies to Inspire Britain 2018.

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